Through diligent research, collaboration and strategic decision-making, The University of Toledo has redefined its brand and institutional outlook.


The University of Toledo is a national, public research university where students obtain a world-class education and become part of a diverse community of leaders committed to improving the human condition in the region and the world.


The University of Toledo will be a nationally ranked, public, research university with internationally recognized expertise and exceptional strength in discovery, teaching, clinical practice and service.


  • Excellence
  • Student-centeredness
  • Research and Scholarship
  • Professionalism and Leadership
  • Diversity

Brand Overview

Fueling Tomorrows exists beyond a tagline — it’s a framing device and foundational narrative. This campaign tells the story of who The University of Toledo is and where the University is headed.

Brand Positioning

Fueling Tomorrows represents The University of Toledo’s persistent dedication to discovery. It champions the infinite potential of driven minds — and the progress that results from reaching toward the future together. With equitable access to opportunity and a strong support system, all at The University of Toledo are empowered to dig deeper, find answers and explore possibilities. This is a testament to the determination necessary to better oneself, our community and the greater human condition.

Brand Essence

Fueling Tomorrows can be summarized by four main questions. The who, what and how distill our message to a central purpose. The why” should remain as the core motivator in all the University writes, says and does.

Fueling Tomorrows Brand
Who are we? The University of Toledo...
What do we do? empowers and prepares driven individuals...
How do we do it? through inclusive collaboration, scholarly research and hands-on experience...
Why does it matter? in order to improve the human condition in the region and around the world.

Brand Attributes

If The University of Toledo was a person, this is how they’d be described.

Overall these attributes define the feel of the brand campaign. These qualities are both reflective and aspirational. In-depth research and feedback from the University community helped select these attributes.

Attributes in Context

  • The University of Toledo is focused on student success.
  • We set ambitious goals and are determined to achieve them.
  • ĢƵ’s exceptional researchers are dedicated to solving a problem and will not stop until they find the solution.
  • As an institution of higher learning, we are mission-driven.
  • We overcome obstacles and don’t let anything stand in our way.
  • We believe our challenges fuel our success.
  • Whether it’s being the first in your family to achieve a college degree or finding a cure that will save lives, ĢƵ students and faculty are resolved to achieving their purpose.
  • Never satisfied, we are always looking to advance and always asking what if?’
  • As one of the most comprehensive research universities in the country, ĢƵ is where great minds come together to innovate new ideas.
  • We embrace curiosity and exploration.
  • The University of Toledo is a community that lifts others up. Here, it is not sink or swim. We are in this together to change students’ lives and the trajectory of our Toledo community and the world at large.
  • We are committed to diversity and inclusion.
  • Our faculty and staff pride themselves on being accessible to students, as experts across diverse fields who thrive in a collaborative environment.
  • We are not afraid to do what’s never been done.
  • We embrace high aspirations and innovative approaches.
  • Driven to do better, think smarter and achieve greater, The University of Toledo tackles challenges and improves lives.
  • We are the city of Toledo’s University. We are proud of our history and forever connected to our region’s future. We cheer for the home team.
  • We give back and we bring others forward with us.
  • We believe in the strength of collaboration and collective efforts.
  • We do critical work. From producing the next generation of leaders to driving the local economy to creating new products to make life easier, we have a significant effect on the region, country and beyond.
  • Our diverse academic program offerings are relevant and responsive to the ever-evolving needs of our students, industry partners and communities.
  • We proudly embrace evidence-based best practices.
  • We strive to be responsible to the needs of many, recognizing our mission as a leader and influencer across many specializations.

Voice and Tone

One way to ensure consistency in a brand is to define the brand voice and tone.

Brand voice is much like a person’s voice. Everyone’s voice sounds a little bit different; it’s one way to distinguish between people you know. Tone is the added layer of nuance that caters to a specific audience or feeling.

Quick Overview

As a brief summary of the guide below, here are some high-level thoughts to keep in mind when developing copy.

Remember to:
  • Simplify sentences and word choice.
  • Focus on the why” more than the ɳ󲹳.”
  • Embrace a casual writing style for more energy.
  • Choose active verbs over passive verbs.
  • Balance brevity and clarity.
  • Write for your audience.

Full Guide

The document below outlines specific guidelines for achieving The University of Toledo voice and tone, as well as general writing standards and content creation strategy.

University Writing Style

Consistent styling of written information is also key to a strong University brand.

This document includes guidelines for preferred spellings, abbreviations, time and date treatments, and other University standards. Please follow all styles outlined in the guide.

Using the ĢƵ Logo


Because consistency and recognition are key to the use of the ĢƵ logo, there are a handful of guidelines that should be followed.

Utoledo Logo Violations 04

Don't alter the colors

Utoledo Logo Violations 03

Don't adjust the pre-set spacing

Utoledo Logo Violations 02

Don't add stylized effects or drop shadows

Utoledo Logo Violations 01

Don't stretch or distort the logo

Clear Space

The ĢƵ logo works best when it has breathing space. Please be mindful of the clear space guidelines below when using the logo.

Utoledo Horizontal Clear Space Outlined 01
Utoledo Vertical Clear Space 02
Minimum Size

For legibility and accessibility, please refer to these width guides for minimum logo size. This is calculated based on standard print materials; please scale appropriately relative to the media and application.

Utoledo Logo Min Size 02
Utoledo Logo Min Size 01

Using the Tagged Logo

When using the ĢƵ tag, consistency is important. There are two ways to apply the tag:

  • Standard treatment: Tag is pinned to one side of the canvas and is used small.
  • Graphic treatment: Tag is pinned to one or two sides of the canvas and is scaled larger.

The ĢƵ tag should adhere to the grid as much as possible, connecting to the canvas edge and a minimum of one other grid edge.

Clear Space

The tagged logo works best when it has appropriate clear space around it. Please follow the examples below for consistent clear space. When pinning the logo to one edge of a canvas, that edge's clear space rules are overridden.

Utoledo Horizontal Tag Clear Space 01
Utoledo Vertical Tag Clear Space 01
Tagged Logos and the Grid

Standard Tag Treatment

  • Logo stays small
  • Pinned to one side of the canvas

Graphic Tag Treatment

  • Logo scales larger
  • Pinned to one or two sides of the canvas
  • Used as a prominent visual element

Please refrain from using the taglines in the following ways.

Tag Violations 02

Don't change the shape or pre-set spacing

Tag Violations Updated 09

Don't add a drop shadow or style effects

Tag Violations Updated 12

Don't add or remove elements

Tag Violations 01

Don't change the color

Tag Violations 05

Don't change the tag's orientation or rotate the tag at an angle

Tag Violations 06

Standard treatments (small size) should only be pinned to one canvas edge — not two

Tag Violations 07

Tag must be pinned to at least one canvas edge

Tag Violations 08

Don't use more than one tag per design


Colleges, Divisions and Unit Logos

While any University unit may use the ĢƵ logo, there are times that a college, division or unit-specific logo is preferred. In such cases, the following logos may be requested from the Office of Marketing and Communications.

College and Divisions

College and division logos feature The University of Toledo crest with the college/division name accompanied by the institution name. All academic departments are encouraged to use their respective college logo to reinforce the college recognition.

Utoledo Vert College Hex Vert
Utoledo Horz College Hex Horz

University Units

Unit logos feature the ĢƵ wordmark with a lock-up of the unit name. Please note that these do not include the college or division associated with the unit.

Utoledo Horz Unit Hex Artboard 1
Utoledo Vert Unit Hex2

Restricted Use Logos

Rocket Athletic and Vintage Athletic Logos

Rocket Athletic logos are reserved for athletic marketing purposes only. These marks may not be used for University marketing and promotion.

Rockets Athletics
Rockets Athletics

Presidential Seal

The University seal is reserved for official use by the Office of the President and the Board of Trustees, and is not available for download.

Utoledo President Seal

Heritage Logos

The ĢƵ logo with the date of establishment is considered a heritage logo and may be used for special projects such as commencement, anniversary materials or other special occasions. Please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for more information.

Utoledo Vert 1872 Hex
Utoledo Horz 1872 Hex

Fueling Tomorrows

As part of the brand, Fueling Tomorrows” receives a distinct type treatment.

This logotype is a component of the University brand and can be used as a graphic element, independent of the University’s main logo. However, the University logo should appear elsewhere on branded pieces, so the connection to ĢƵ is clear.

Utoledo Ft Gold Hex

Type in gold

Utoledo Ft Reverse

Type in reverse

Using the Fueling Tomorrows Logotype

Clear Space

Please follow these guidelines to ensure the Fueling Tomorrows logotype receives plenty of breathing space.

Ft Clear Space Outlined 01

For the greatest impact, the Fueling Tomorrows logotype needs to be used consistently across all applications. Please refrain from doing the following.

Violation Color 01

Don't use secondary brand colors

Violation Removespace 01

Don't remove or alter the spacing

Violation Paragraph 01

Don't use the logotype within a paragraph, headline, subhead or caption

Violation Rotate 01

Don't place the logotype on an angle

Violation Addgraphics 01

Don't add elements to the logotype

ĢƵ Shield Icon

In addition to the official logos, the brand includes a special use icon of a flat shield.

The shield is an icon representation of the logo, but is never to be used in place of the logo. Rather, it is to be used as a graphic element within the context of a layout.

There is a full set of custom icons for use available in the Visual Language section of this guide, but the ĢƵ shield is considered a primary graphic element. It bears more significance than the rest of the icons and its use is encouraged more frequently and more prominently than the rest of the set.

Icons For Guide2

Using the Shield

The shield can be used as an independent graphic element in a layout or set in-line with text.

When set in-line with text, the left and right points should align with the ascenders and the top center point overhangs. The bottom point of the shield should also overhang slightly, similar to the amount an O” or U” overhangs, to visually center the shield with the type.

Examples of both treatments can be seen in the various use examples below:

Ft Bigtype Blue 2
Poster Fueling Tomorrows Slides Ash
Student Full2

The shield is not to be used without an official ĢƵ logo also appearing somewhere on the piece.

Ut Shield Violations 02

Never add a stroke or outline to the shield

Ut Shield Violations 03

The shield should always appear in a ĢƵ-approved color

Ut Shield Violations 04

Don’t stretch or alter its shape

Ut Shield Violations 05

Don't add any drop shadows or other graphic effects

Ut Shield Violations 05

Don't rotate the icon



Click on the values below to copy to your clipboard.

Midnight Blue

HEX: #003E7E

RGB: 0, 62, 126

CMYK: 100, 70, 0, 40

PMS: 294 C or 294 U


HEX: #FFD200

RGB: 255, 210, 0

CMYK: 0, 14, 100, 0

PMS: 116 C or 108 U


Click on the values below to copy to your clipboard.


HEX: #102B5F

RGB: 16, 43, 95

CMYK: 100, 85, 5, 18

PMS: 280 U


HEX: #134FC9

RGB: 19, 79, 201

CMYK: 85, 52, 0, 0

PMS: 2175 U


HEX: #3BB2F1

RGB: 59, 178, 241

CMYK: 53, 2, 1, 0

PMS: 298 U



RGB: 175, 213, 233

CMYK: 27, 4, 1, 1

PMS: 544 U



RGB: 202, 217, 225

CMYK: 20, 8, 7, 0

PMS: 643 U


Click on the values below to copy to your clipboard.


HEX: #2E2E2D

RGB: 46, 46, 45

CMYK: 59, 53, 56, 60


Dark Gray

HEX: #4A4A47

RGB: 74, 74, 71

CMYK: 59, 51, 50, 19

PMS: 426 U

Medium Gray

HEX: #737571

RGB: 115, 117, 113

CMYK: 49, 40, 39, 4

PMS: 424 U

Light Gray


RGB: 189, 187, 181

CMYK: 20, 15, 16, 0

PMS: 420 U

Supporting Colors

Balancing the Palettes

The University’s midnight blue and gold are here to stay. Help these colors stay iconic by using the secondary and neutral palettes sparingly. In general, the primary palette should take up a minimum of 50% of the color of the design. The secondary palette should be around 35% and the neutral palette no more than 15%.

Utol Colorusage 01

Primary Typefaces

Alright Normal and Jubilat are ĢƵ’s brand typefaces. Both can be used for print and interactive applications.


Alright Normal licenses can be purchased directly from the type foundry at the link below. Jubilat can be licensed through Adobe Fonts, either as a free download via Adobe Creative Cloud or as a separate purchase.

Typeface Alright

Alright Normal

Typeface Jubilat


Primary Typesetting Styles

The brand type styles are created for flexibility. There are a handful of options for headline treatment. Styles outlined below are suggestions for hierarchy and should be the starting point for all creative styling. Individual type sizes and leading will vary based on application; the styles below are based on print formats. When scaling larger or smaller, tracking should not be changed.

Recommended Typesetting
Primary Headlines 01
  • Size: 40 pt.
  • Leading: 39 pt.
  • Tracking: +10
  • Typeface: Alright Normal
  • Weight: Black
  • Case: Uppercase
Primary Headlines 02
  • Size: 16 pt.
  • Leading: 18 pt.
  • Tracking: +200
  • Typeface: Alright Normal
  • Weight: Light
  • Case: Uppercase
Primary Headlines 03
  • Size: 12 pt.
  • Leading: 15 pt.
  • Tracking: 0
  • Typeface: Jubilat
  • Weight: Medium
  • Case: Title Case
Primary Headlines 04
  • Size: 11 pt.
  • Leading: 15 pt.
  • Tracking: 0
  • Typeface: Alright Normal
  • Weight: Medium
  • Case: Title Case
Primary Headlines 05
  • Size: 10 pt.
  • Leading: 12 pt.
  • Tracking: 0
  • Typeface: Alright Normal
  • Weight: Light
  • Case: Uppercase
Primary Quotes
  • Size: 16 pt.
  • Leading: 20 pt.
  • Tracking: +20
  • Typeface: Jubilat
  • Weight: Medium
  • Case: Sentence case
Primary Intro Paragraph
  • Size: 12 pt.
  • Leading: 16 pt.
  • Tracking: 0
  • Typeface: Alright Normal
  • Weight: Regular
  • Case: Sentence case
Primary Body Copy
  • Size: 9.5 pt.
  • Leading: 13 pt.
  • Tracking: 0
  • Typeface: Alright Normal
  • Weight: Light
  • Case: Sentence case
Primary Link
  • Size: 10 pt.
  • Leading: 14 pt.
  • Tracking: 0
  • Typeface: Alright Normal
  • Weight: Bold
  • Case: Lowercase
Primary Caption
  • Size: 8 pt.
  • Leading: 10 pt.
  • Tracking: +30
  • Typeface: Jubilat
  • Weight: Book Italic
  • Case: Sentence case
Graphic Treatment 36

When creating graphic typography treatments, the heaviest weight of Alright Normal may be used. For visual consistency with the alternate typefaces, Alright Normal Ultra should not be used as a headline style.

  • Size: 40 pt.
  • Leading: 39 pt.
  • Tracking: +10
  • Typeface: Alright Normal
  • Weight: Ultra
  • Case: Uppercase
Number Styles

Alright Normal includes a handful of stylistic sets for numbers. In general, oldstyle numbers should be the default as they're designed for visual rhythm with the ascenders and descenders. However, there are some exceptions depending on application. Please refer to the usage examples outlined below.

  • Oldstyle: Default styling, all body copy and captions
  • Lining: Headlines, treatments with all caps
Alrightnormal Numbers 01

Oldstyle Numbers

Alrightnormal Numbers 03

Used with body copy

Alrightnormal Numbers 02

Lining Numbers

Alrightnormal Numbers 04

Used with headlines and all caps

Bulleted Lists

When creating bulleted lists, please choose square bullets whenever possible. For Alright Normal, square bullets are available as a glyph.

Alrightnormal Lists 01

Square bullets

Alternate Typefaces


For limited-use circumstances where access to Alright Normal and Jubilat is not possible, please use Source Sans Pro and Roboto Slab in their place. These typefaces are available for free through Google Fonts. Source Sans Pro is also available through Adobe Fonts as part of a Creative Cloud subscription.

Typeface Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro

Typeface Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab

Alternate Typesetting Styles

Print and Digital

Visual consistency is important, even while using alternate Google Fonts. Please follow primary usage guidelines above, with the exception of headlines 1 and 2. In order to best match the look and feel of Alright Sans, alternate font headlines 1 and 2 should follow the styles detailed below.

System Font

When necessary, please use Arial as the preferred system font.

Alternate Headline 01
  • Size: 42 pt.
  • Leading: 39 pt.
  • Tracking: 0
  • Typeface: Source Sans Pro
  • Weight: Black
  • Case: Uppercase
Alternate Headline 02
  • Size: 16 pt.
  • Leading: 18 pt.
  • Tracking: +200
  • Typeface: Source Sans Pro
  • Weight: Light
  • Case: Uppercase

Styling Headlines

When creating a featured multi-level headline, like the examples below, start with headlines 1 and 2 outlined above. This provides a consistent starting point, while encouraging creative flexibility. The diagrams below outline four different, brand-approved approaches to multi-level headlines.

Headline Rationale
Headline Rationale2
Headline Rationale3
Headline Rationale4

Combining Elementsusa

Clean, flat, modern-inspired graphics are a key part of this brand. When designing, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

  • Aim for asymmetrical layouts for visual interest.
  • Create color blocks using rectangles, as opposed to other geometric shapes.
  • Avoid using gradients or soft edges in the compositions.
  • Keep each layer distinct by refraining from using blend modes.

The Grid

The grid is the base structure for all ĢƵ layouts. It lays the foundation for designs to be intentional and purposeful, while still feeling organic and open. It allows for setting up bold design choices quickly that feel consistent within the system.

1:2 Grid

The ĢƵ grid is set up on a 1:2 ratio, with the 6 columns to 12 rows grid being the primary grid preference. This configuration allows for a clean duality of a two- and three-column grid to be used in the same layout. The base grid, at the 8.5'' x 11'' size, has .5'' margins, and .25'' gutters.


Scaling the Grid

The base grid gives us a good starting place, but not every layout will be at this size. The grid is scaleable both up and down in size, as illustrated in the diagram below. For most larger layouts, keeping the same 6:12 ratio works well, but the margin and gutters will need to scale up. For layouts falling smaller than our standard size, the 6:12 grid can be reduced to a 3:6 grid.

Scale Grid Update
Scale Grid New Type2

Adjusting the Grid

Similarly to the scaling, the grid may also need adjustments for layouts that aren’t the standard vertical orientation. As demonstrated below, you can see the 6:12 can be rotated to be a 12:6, can be stacked side-by-side in a spread, or can become a 12:12 in a more square layout.



Being flexible, but intentional with the grid is very important to maintaining a consistent feel across all ĢƵ materials. Below are a few preliminary examples of the grid in action. It is important to note that these are just examples of how the grid can be used, but designs are open for evolution.

Grid For Guide Updated
Grid For Guide Updated2
Page Spread


The ĢƵ brand utilizes custom-made one-color, extra-bold, flat icons. The set can be downloaded below.


  • Do not add a stroke or outline to any of the icons.
  • The icons should always appear in a ĢƵ color and meet the color accessibility guidelines outlined in this guide.
  • Do not stretch or alter the icon shapes.
  • Do not add any drop shadows or other graphic effects.
Icons For Guide

Secondary Icons

The ĢƵ icon set has a very distinctive style and should be utilized first when an icon is needed. However, the limited custom set will not include every icon you will need. There is also a secondary supportive icon set – Font Awesome – which can be used when a primary ĢƵ icon does not fit. These secondary icons are best used at a smaller scale, leaving focus and emphasis on the ĢƵ-branded primary set, but can be a useful option when appropriate.

Use only the solid” style of the Font Awesome icons, and be sure to follow the same usage rules of the primary icon set.

For more information about Font Awesome and to download the tools for both print and digital use, visit the link below.

Tone & Feel

Photography plays a big role in setting the tone of the brand, reinforcing the brand attributes and messaging, as well as complementing the design elements.



  • Include diversity in race, age, gender, religion and background. The photography collection should be reflective of the whole ĢƵ community.
  • Include diversity in subject matter. It is important the ĢƵ photography collection represent all institutional areas: from academics to athletics, alumni to the arts, etc.


  • Exclude all non-ĢƵ branding.
  • Attire with words or busy graphics is discouraged. Whenever possible the attire should be somewhat neutral, as well as appropriate for the activity portrayed being captured.


  • Highlight the unique opportunities and accomplishments of the ĢƵ community.
  • Represent individuals from the ĢƵ community in their element” – especially highlight unique opportunities.
  • Highlight the ĢƵ community through candid, lifestyle and conceptual portraits. These portraits are to feel authentic and inspirational – as if they are capturing a real moment in the community, as well as a collective institutional personality.

Technical Composition

  • Aim for visually interesting and dynamic compositions.
  • Lots of natural light and shallow depth of field whenever possible.
  • Use unique perspectives, like low or close angles that give the feel of being in the action.”
  • Keep the baseline plane level with the frame.
  • Avoid busy or distracting backgrounds.
  • Whenever possible, show the subjects in their environment, as opposed to a completely empty background.
  • Include negative space and wide framing that allows for use on website, and other design materials, while leaving space for text and design elements.


Below is a collection of current ĢƵ and stock images that fit the brand.


03252017 9713
Brad Barmore 584005 Unsplash
04042013 3344
04082017 5866
04212017 3348 Hdrb
Adobestock 187582185
06022017 9740
06162016 9106
07192017 4939
08272017 3234
11052015 9986A
Action Plan Brainstorming Complex 212286
Adobestock 163392531
Adobestock 198751845
Adult Listening to Music
Beautiful Blonde Blur 761859
Najar Research 0012
Student Boat Research
Deddy Yoga Pratama 524473 Unsplash
Natasha Kasim 677210 Unsplash
Neonbrand 426918 Unsplash
Rahul Jain 741415 Unsplash
Ut Stills
Adult Beard Blur 935948
Tommy Lisbin 380368 Unsplash
Photo of student athlete at Commencement
Casual Daylight Face 936119

Social Media

ĢƵ is known for having a fun, engaging presence on social media.

Here’s a few tips for incorporating the ĢƵ brand in social media and creating consistency across all social accounts.

Content Creation Recommendations

Accessibility on Social Media

  • Add posted on Instagram
  • Avoid adding text as part of the image — use the caption field for all written content


This collection of examples shows the range of possibilities with the ĢƵ brand.

Fueling Tomorrows Slides Ash Updated3
Ft Bigtype 02 2
Ft Bigtype Blue 2
Fueling Tomorrows Slides Ash Updated
Fueling Tomorrows Slides Ash Updated4
Fueling Tomorrows Slides Ash Updated6
Student Full2